Green Tiger Beetle


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Irish insects. Hand needle felt design on wool felt base and features hand gold embroidery stitching details. The finished felt piece (approx 8cm diameter) has been carefully set into the timber base.
The Tiger Green Beetle has a beautiful metallic colour and is very fast moving!

This art piece has been created, designed and handmade by Alison Hunter.

This wall mounted art piece has a small hole on the reverse so can be hung on a nail and will be flush with the wall.

Copyright Alison Hunter


  • 15 cm height
  • 12 cm width
  •  felt piece approx 8cm diameter
  • approx 2cm deep
  • hang piece on nail so it will be flush with wall when hanging
  • felt is 100% sheep wool
  • most of the wool used is sourced locally

Each piece is handmade so may differ slightly from the image


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