Gráinne MacLoughlin

Studio produced ceramics are about uniqueness; an interesting form or glaze, the way they feel when you hold or use them, and the individual style of the potter who created them.

A native of Sligo, Gráinne MacLoughlin has been making pots professionally since 1999, having gained experience by working for several of Ireland’s well established potters.

Gráinne produces a high-fired stoneware table top range, incised with hand drawn Dragonfly and Blossoms designs. She also makes Irish Lighthouse lamps. She applies various layers of different coloured glazes over each other so that in the final firing (1260’c) they react with each other, resulting in beautiful swirling patterns, reminiscent of patterns found in nature.

Gráinne also welcomes corporate and private commissions and has worked with schools,

facilitating in the production of several educational ceramic art projects and murals.